Raymond Terrace & District Historical Society Inc.

Est. 1974

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Linking Yesterday with Tomorrow


Patrons: Meryl Swanson - MP
President: Suzie Worth
Vice-President: Coral Berry
Treasurer: Robyn Bowden
Secretary: Vacant
Research Officers: Robyn Bowden & Fay Penn
Schetchley Cottage and Museum Curator: Pia Ryeland (Ph: 0428 886 170)
Committee: Boris Sokoloff
David Gunter
Pia Ryeland
Robyn Witt
Monica Jut
K Davies
Sketchley Cottage Street Address: 1 Sketchley Street,
(adjacent to Bettles Park)
Raymond Terrace NSW 2324
Postal Address: PO Box 255
Raymond Terrace NSW 2324
Research Room: 18a Sturgeon Street
(adjacent to Library)
Raymond Terrace NSW 2324
Telephone: (02) 4983 1918

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